Early Years

Glaurund was the first dragon to be created by Melkor. He was hatched in the depths of Angband, Melkor's ancient fortress. It is likely that Glaurund and Ancalagon battled for supremacy over the dragons at one point with Ancalagon coming out victorious over him. While Glaurund is shown to lack wings, as he is a dweller of the deep, he now has wings.

Penguin3D Appearance

Glaurund first appeared on Penguin3D in mid-December of 2021. The first time he was seen was on Das. He named himself as a follower of Ancalagon and tried to recruit users to join Ancalagon. He even named the new recruits with Dragon names.

Glaurund soaring the skies of The South.


After intense battles in the South and Das on Damen's Day 2021, it was clear the dragons had won. Many perished in the fights, however there was no official war so Fire Nation failed to claim any lands. The invasions official invasions were pushed to December 30th and 31st.

Information from Damen on the victor of the battles.

The Tri-Wars

Glaurund participated in one of the Tri-Wars, which consisted of a series of invasions on Dorval, South, and Stone Isle. Glaurund participated in the Dorval invasion which took place on December 31, 2021.

Dorval War, and Fate

Glaurund attacked Dorval on 12/31/2021, against the Children of the Stars (Varai/Little). He attacked from the skies, raining down his powerful flames onto the Snow Angels and the Lords of Arda. Glaurund was struck down by a joint effort consisting primarily of Aven and Revan. He was ultimately vanquished with Revan's Trident of Light.

Glaurunds starting appearance during the Dorval War

Glaurund's final breaths, to Revan's vanquishing spirits.

Beyond Death

Glaurund was reborn as the dragon Vohind, reinstating his commanding role. He attacked and won victory in the Dorval War with this account, and then went on to claim Raymond's trident from Angurad, which then began to purify him, turning him yellow.

Glaurund's new form

Vohind stating he is reborn Glaurund

Turning Good

The trident began having side effects on Glaurund, causing him to turn into a bright soul, which then he allowed himself to help Revan and his quest to stop Cobia from being taken over by Kinzon, who is an assassin who killed Damen.


The Great Worm

Aliases Glaurung, Vohind
Titles Commander, Father of Dragons, The Great Worm
Gender Male
House Fire Nation
Death 12/31/2021 (Dorval War)
Related Ancalagon, Winteron, Melody, Accal, Revan