Pic is a very kind and friendly person though she can be a bit of a diva. Once, she jokingly canceled her friend Loki after she followed Loki's advice to rearrange her inventory and accidentally lost everything in a closet glitch.


The Beginning

Pic started playing OldCp in 2015 under the name of Pickleslover. She became friends with many people and is well known for her snarky attitude and sense of humor.

Pic as part of Flame's firing squad on Providence.


She would accumulate many ranks on the game such as Penguin Watch Captain, Wise Moth, War Knight, Press, and Moderator.

Girls Nights

In 2020, Pic would host girls nights with three of her friends; Sid, Tasha, and Loki. Guys were often jealous of these Girls Nights and would sometimes try to raid them. Some of the guys who were chill though would get to join in and be honorary women.

A girls night.

Winning GOM

Pic competed in Series 29 of Game of Mods with the team Fairytales but did not expect to win. She knew her time was coming very soon so she tried her best during the whole event. Pic got the honor of being interviewed by Damen in which she gave a very good answer to the question. She ended up winning that Game of Mods.

Loki and Pic with Zes’s dead body a couple weeks after winning GOM.

Resigning From Moderator

About two months after winning Game of Mods, Pic along with two other friends decided to resign from their ranks. Pic stopped playing OldCP a lot but would go on every once in a while.


With the merge of iOldCP and OldCP, Pic decided to come back to OldCP. Pic being rankless was a nice little break from things until Chis was resigning from LOTB and wanted Pic to have the bank. She accepted the rank after a long battle of trying to get it. She has done a great job as LOTB and has even done successful loans where she got the money back!

Pic was so good at her job she tried to run away but Orlock kidnapped her!


Pic has put in the work of her jobs and has earned Modmin along with keeping her rank of LOTB.

Pic as Modmin and Lady of the Bank


Pic has earned Administrator!


First Joining

Pic first played P3D around the time it first came out. She could always be found at the race track or in a car. Pic and a few friends would drive around the island and end up crashing into trees due to the fact there were so many. Pic would later on stop playing the game for a while.

Pic laying on the ground after falling out of the car.

Joining Back

Pic joined back on P3D with no intentions of staying on the game but ended up staying. She has done many things since she has been back.

Pic and friends on P3D.


When Pic first came back to P3D, there was a lot that she hadn't seen or explored. So she and Loki decided to go exploring together. They took trips into the Guardian Realm, Inferno Realm, Purple Realm, Radion Realm, and also into Orodoom. In each of these adventures crazy things have happened. In the Orodoom adventure, they even decided to sacrifice an account to Pythas!

Pic and Loki about to head off on another adventure.

Turning Evil

Pic even turned evil on Penguin3D. Loki's husband, Amir, demanded that Pic bow to Pythas. It took a little convincing from Loki but Pic did decide to turn evil. She was given the evil name of Picgoth and became Loki's apprentice. Amir said that Pic has the potential to become the strongest draconian someday if she desires it. Though Pic's ambitions do not exactly seem to go in that direction as she is mostly in evil for the memes.

Pic and Loki, evilly sacrificing Danito's alt to Pythas.

Being Mean

One of Pic's favorite past times is getting Zes killed and slandering him. She has been known for tricking Zes into going into areas where she knows he will die. One time, she got him to run into the death line in the Baraddur Council Chamber for a Pythas Doll that her and Loki wanted. While Pic can be rather cruel to Zes, they are besties.

Pic and Zes.


Pic’s new favorite thing in the game became the Mithril Radium Claws after seeing them all the time in a wrath game mode. She had been seen being a meme with the claws so she decided she wanted to make them for herself. Loki, Danito, and Tasha decided to go mine and help Pic make the claws to make her happy.

Pic showing off her new claws.


Pic got banker after commenting on Little's mood about wanting a banker. She was approved for the role and earned the title. Now she helps pays the staff of P3D!

Pic in EredGorgorJail with her new title.



When iOldCp was created, Pic did not play the first two versions a lot. She decided during the third version she would play more after resigning from her OldCP ranks.

Gaining Ranks

Pic would obtain many ranks such as High Priest, Hand Guard, Lady of the Bank, Moderator, Head Mod, Modmin, Admin, and Vice President. She was a moderator on the game for a long time and was later promoted to modmin then to admin. Pic was too good as an admin and lost the rank when iOldCp closed to merge with OldCp.

Pic sitting in a water fountain.


Lady of the Bank

Aliases Pickleslover, Picgoth, TAKINGYOGIRL, Peanutbutter
Titles Wise Moth, War Knight, Press, Penguin Watch Captain, High Priest, Hand Guard, Lady of the Bank, Moderator, Head Moderator, Modmin, Admin, Vice President, Banker, Emperor Helper
Gender Female
House House Cortana
Death Too many to count!
Related Tasha, Loki, Sid