Miromeski (aka Zsed) is a semi-active user and a lore character. He has held notable ranks such as High Preist, GMW (for one day), and Top Dogg.



In 2014, a young Zsed got introduced into Oldcp by a user advertising on Club Penguin, after playing for a bit Zsed was granted the ability to write a wish, which was put in the Moth Library among other user's scrolls.


After gaining some repore in the community, Zsed applied to detective and got accepted, during which he did his best to solve cases, but ended up ultimately being mocked and cringey.


After a few years of playing the game and switching between evil and good, Zsed (Now going by Miromeski) slowly began to get more involved with crimezone and eventually got swept up into an actual character, see "Transformation into a Goblin"


Transformation into a Goblin

Miromeski was whispered by Pythas to start drinking Potions in Wind Hallow Cave, after drinking he was whispered again "Your spirit cracks and crackles, you now have 67 soul" he rejoined and now had the character model of a Goblin, and the ability to spawn goblins with the command "/globblig".

Scroll Theft

Miro had become a loyal servant to Pythas, and he had a goal for Miromeski (Who was currently a Moth Priest) "capture the Artifacts and Scrolls from the Moth Temple", Miro joined the Moth Temple and did the pickup command "/g22", he "picked" up the artifacts and the scrolls, which were moved into the Northern Blizzardfort where they were hidden in a pile of rocks, after this Miro was trialed and before the verict was decided, he exclaimed "NO!" and ran out of the throne room to the Goblin Healing Labs, which served as his headquarters.

Battle of the Labs

After escaping the trial he was put on KOS (Kill on Sight" on all lands including the island where his labs were, Providence, the Top Dogg Ian vowed to torch and destroy his room for his crimes, Miromeski equipped with a shotgun fought off attackers and killed a few users including Khal, and Ian himself. After this, Miro realized he couldn't live like this any longer so he led Orbay to the scrolls and handed himself in.

Good and Evil

Post Goblin Good

After a lengthy jail sentence, he was released right before the start of the Dorval War, he decided to join the War Knights for fun and helped secure a victory for the Empire, after this, he remained good even during Dagor Dagorath, a time which Melkor and Pythas warred against Oldcp. Miro remained good therefor after and didn't turn evil again until the female god Vaire came.

Post Goblin Evil

Serving a new god, Miro was chosen to be a "Nazgul" a spirit who is granted immense power, he along with 6 others ruled the land of Das and warred neighboring islands. Eventually, Vaire became too strong, she had absorbed so much power that her spirit imploded and she was vanquished from Oldcp, a few weeks later, Pythas who had returned from his horrible defeat, reclaimed his spot as the Dark Lord and kept the nazguls.

Rings, Death, and Banishment

Eventually the powers of the Nazgul faded after Vaire died, but Pythas wished to gift some of his power to his servants, and created rings of immense power, Miromeski was granted the Ring of Gothmog, which made his size larger, his color darker green, and the ability to summon more powerful goblins called Goblin Supremes. This ring cemented Miro as the Goblin God. Miro died with the Ring of Gothmog and it was ultimately destroyed in a volcano on Das along with most of the other rings. Losing most of his power, Miromeski banished himself to Penguin3D.


Miro, new to Penguin3D, slowly regained his power with armor and weapons, but he never got close to his former self, due to his loyalty, Pythas built the Goblin Town under Providence, which was Miromeskis new kingdom, replacing the Goblin Healing Labs.


Radaghast now roams from dark leader to dark leader still serving Pythas' name.


King of Goblins

Aliases Zsed, Qwerty, Radaghast, Sirmus, Alamen
Titles 1/3 Top Dogg, Wise Healer, Goblin God, King of the Moon
Gender Male
Birthday 9th October 2018
House House Goblins
Related Pythor, Goblins, Gothmog the Goblin, Lorien