Elbereth, also known as Varda, is the most beautiful of the Forest Queens and is described as being too beautiful for words to describe. She is the creator of the stars and people often call out to her in their darkest hours.

Early Days

Casting Away Melkor

When Melkor was just beginning to discretely weave his evil into the world, one woman saw through him before anyone else. Elbereth was able to see into Melkor's mind and she hated him, causing Melkor to be afraid of Elbereth.

Creation of the Stars

Elbereth ruled over all light in Arda and doing so, she found great joy. Elbereth used light to create stars and constellations, which are loved by many. One constellation that she created was a sickle shape that she placed in the northern sky to foretell of the downfall of Melkor. She also set the course for the Sun and the Moon to travel across in the sky after Melkor and Ungoliant destroyed the Two Trees of Valinor.

Elbereth placing a star in the sky.

Relations with Manwe

Elbereth first came to Manwe's side when Melkor first contested him for Arda. The two became a beautiful and powerful couple. It is said that Elbereth can hear all the voices from anywhere in the world and that Manwe can see everything in the world, making them a power couple to rule over Arda.

Elbereth and Manwe

Elbereth and Manwe would also have one child together, a daughter named Little. The couple would later place their child on Arda in the protection of the forest to keep her safe from Pythas.

Elbereth and Manwe with their newborn child, Little.

Feared by Evil

Melkor's Hate

All that is evil seems to fear and despise Elbereth. When Pythas had freshly turned back to Melkor, he spoke Elbereth's name once to Melkor. The mention of her enraged Melkor and caused his ears to burn. Melkor demanded that Pythas never speak the name of Elbereth ever again.

Casting Away Evil Spirits

Even forest shamans have called out to Elbereth when they are being tormented by evil spirits. Long ago in Ancient Forest times, Stan was being harassed by the LEGION. After days of torment, Stan broke down and called out to Elbereth Gilthoniel. At this mention of her name, the LEGION fled and left Forest Shaman Stan alone.

Even now, her name can be used to chase out evil spirits that may be plaguing a person.

Recent Mentions

Elbereth has not been seen in recent times. Nook has spoken of her once and has said that Elbereth is growing old and will pass away soon but she is currently stronger than her husband, Manwe.

Eventually, it was also revealed that Elbereth and Manwe had had a child together, this child is Little who happened to inherit the beauty of her mother.


Elbereth died on October 7, 2020. She was never seen on Arda. Her final words can be found here.

Coming Back

Varda came back to life on Penguin3D and still has yet to be seen. She is incredibly old and may soon die of old age.


Varda came once to Arda to visit her daughter and deliver a prophecy to her. Little was offline when Varda showed up and so she left a note with a prophecy for her daughter. The note is shown below. She also made it snow a very beautiful cosmic type of snow, or perhaps it was star dust.

Rumors from Aule

On December 13, 2021, Aule went to Varda to plead with her to come to Arda to help fight against Ancalagon and the Fire Nation. Varda refused to help as if she were to die to Ancalagon, the dragons would then have access to space. Aule has since started to claim that the Lady of Stars is crazy. Whether she actually is crazy or not has yet to be confirmed.

Return to Arda

Varda finally made her return to Arda on January 5, 2022. She appeared first on Dorval to her daughter. Varda spoke of a prophecy about the fall of Ancalagon and the people who will assist in the death of the winged lizard. The people begged Varda to stay on Arda, and at first she was uncertain as to whether she would be staying or not. Varda was eventually convinced to stay on Arda by Little, though she refused to help fight Ancalagon stating that she is not a warrior.

Varda and her daughter, Little.

Elbereth Gilthoniel

Lady of the Stars

Aliases Varda
Titles Lady of the Stars, Queen of the Valar
Gender Female
House Illuvatar
Death October 7, 2020 (OldCp)
Related Manwe, Little