OldCP Land Ownership

The current state of leadership for OldCP's lands.


The South of OldCP, from the border of the north blockade down to the coast of Alcatraz.

Owned By: Emperor Regent Damen V Drake for Empress Raindrop Drake
Paternal House: House Drake


The North of OldCP, from the border of the north blockade north to the coast of the shipyard.

Owned By: King Tom
Paternal House: Stags


Providence Island (Originally Providencia Colony of Das). Radioactive island north of the mainland and southeast of Dorval.

Owned By: MiroBrute Goblin, Accal Black and Valentinehez
Paternal House: Joint owned by OWO and NWO


Das, jungle islands east of the mainland.

Owned By: Ungoliant
Paternal House: Old World Order


Dorval Island (also known as Spiral Isle), a shipbuilding trade island at the north pole a few miles south of Ahch-To.

Owned By: King Orlock (Independent)
Paternal House: House Inferno


Cobia Island, the homeland of the Cobo family. It is a sandy island southeast of Das, rich in gold.

Owned By: Prince Majorhalo
Parental House: House Drake


Jesah Island, mountainous island in the far southeast. It is a hot sandy poor holy island which is the home to a mysterious brotherhood of Assassins whom reside within the cold snowy mountains at the Masyaf Castle (Fortress)

Owned By: Gamer & The Assassins Creed (Assassins)
Co-Ruled By: Little Forrester and Zes
Paternal House: The Assassins Creed

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