Eiven Realhawk

Finding Oldcp

Eiven was around t he age of 7-8. He was a big fan of the popular web game Club Penguin. He was also a fan of the older version. He searched up OLDCP in google, and happened to find OLDCP.BIZ

Eiven signed up with the account luke34234324324343243243443232324342. But was shortly banned due to bad behaviour

Some time later, Eiven joined back under the alias of Harry15514. Which was the beginning of the History of Harry.

Making new friends

Eiven's first friend on oldcp was Rasberry. They became best friends for years, often showing up in Eiven's oldcp youtube videos.

It wasn't till a few months later, Eiven became friends with an old user named Adawg, who was head of house Realhawks. Which Eiven then adopted the name of Harryrhawk.

The first death

Eiven was by himself in town, he decided to do some exploring. One of the places he explored was a room full of random props. one of them was a throne that anyone could sit on. Eiven was later joined by a member of the blackhawk's, Clegane.

Clegane was threatening Eiven, telling him to get off the throne as it is his... Eiven refused, and fled to the town

Moments later, Clegane followed Eiven, and told him "I told you to get off my throne... and you will pay" Clegane then equipped his fire arm and shot Eiven, killing him.

Taking over House Realhawk

Adawg gave up on the realhawks, and gave it to Eiven. Eiven would from then on, be the new leader of the Realhawks, as he is now in present time.


Eiven had quit oldcp for a few years, and then returned on the 9th of November 2019.

He became a War Knight for the south, but he wasn't the best fighter, he went through 4 accounts on his first day of being a war knight cause he kept dying.

Over time Eiven worked on his fighting, and was being trained in the way of being a knight by the former Knight Captain, Randy.

The training happened to be very successful, as from then on Eiven became one of the best fighters on Oldcp.

Eiven finds out who is family is

Eiven happened to stumble upon the Shaman Queen, Rainberry. They both became very close friends, when it was later revealed that Rainberry's son IS Eiven, and he was born in the eastern land of Das.

But if that wasn't enough, he was also revealed that he happened to come from the Ancient Annatar/Illuvitar herritage, as Rainberry is the youngest child of Pythas! and Daughter of Maria, The daughter of Orome.

With no Father figure, Eiven happened to be parented by two mothers, Rainberry and her wife Rouge, Daughter of Melkor.

Through time, Eiven believed he had no father, often looking up to his Uncle Turin to be the only father figure in his life, as he trained him the ways that he was trained when growing up under the wing of The Stag.

Becoming a Forest boy

Eiven showed loyalty to the forest, in honour of his mother, the shaman queen. This loyalty gave Eiven the privilege of becoming a warrior and member of the forest, and was empowered, becoming stronger and more powerful. His uncle, Turin, taught him the ways of the forest, helping him use his abilities such as, force push and many other things.

Eiven would only listen to Turin and no one else, apart from his parents.

Becoming Eiven Realhawk

Alas, Eiven was only known as Harryrhawk, but not for long...

Eiven at the time was the king of das, and the NWO were hunting for any island leaders who were not part of the NWO.

Eiven joined t he throneroom, to which Pythas ordered his cardinal, Frogs, to kill Eiven. Eiven, Harryrhawk at the time, was slayed in public. But was later Reborn as Eiven Realhawk, thanks to Turin who was Lord of Space at the time.

Eiven showed significant changes. He now sported a White ovac, wings that give him the ability to fly, and increase his strength.


Eiven came toe to toe with many enemies throughout his time.

One of his memorable enemies being Cyrus and Drogoth.

Cyrus and Eiven were enemies, but somewhere had respect for eachother, as they saw eachother as warriors. They had a battle, which Eiven won.

This battle gave Cyrus a bit of respect for Eiven, calling him his greatest Enemy, and that they will one day fight under the sun, man to man.

Another one of his greatest Enemies was drogoth. Eiven had a strong hatred for Drogoth, as he married Rouge, his adoptive mother, when she turned evil.

Eiven knew that evil was the wrong path for rouge, and had to destroy the one thing that would've kept her evil, Drogoth.

Drogoth And Eiven fought 4 times, Eiven won all of them, and successfully slayed Drogoth.


Eiven has 2 kids,

Dice Realhawk

And one of them, doesn't like Eiven, as he turned evil and now serves Pythas, his name is DOOMKID!

Real name unknown

Finding out who his father is

Eiven was revealed to have had a father, the name of his father is Aaron, who Eiven was confused with Aaron R2D2, but nook said not that Aaron,

" He is an evil man, he was once good, but is a criminal," - Nook.

Eiven still has yet to meet him


Thinking he'd found all his secrets, Eiven was then later revealed who his real father is

Aiden (Nook) came on Penguin3d. He sent some messages, and decided to communicate with the many users of P3D.

After some time, Aiden randomly said "The person i say Hello to, is my son."

Nook walked over to Eiven, looked directly into his eyes and said "Hello"

Thus it was revealed that Eiven's Father happens to be Nook. His mother not Rainberry nor Rouge (Eiven still looks up to them as his parents)

Eiven found it a bit strange how, someone so... small yet so smart could be his father. Besides the confusion, Eiven was happy to be his son.

Eiven son of a former ice child. Eiven, the only grandson of Pythas. Eiven Annatar.

His Lore Within P3D

Over time, more and more people saw and heard of Eiven. He was mostly known to be under Turin's wing 24/7.

As time progressed, Eiven would clash with many Crimezone legends. Some of the time, becoming close friends with.

Before the destruction of the Oldcp Universe, Eiven encountered an ancient Ice King, named Augustus J Icefall. An old student of the Ice lord Raegon.

Augustus took quite an interest in Eiven, saying he see's something in him that will make him prosper.

And in P3D, many people took quite an interest in Eiven, these people being:
The nazgul

When Eiven was sat in the Forge, someone spoke to him, but Eiven was unaware on who it was who reached out to him, it was later revealed that it was Celibrimbor who had reached out to Eiven, and couldn't be seen as he was stuck in the 4th dimension, where he's been kept prisoner under Pythas.

As they spoke, Celibrimbor said that he knew who Eiven was, knowing he is a descendent of the Annatar's. Celibrimbor said "I know who you are, I hear whispers of you name. The Nazgul speak of your name due to how powerful you are getting"
He said Eiven is getting more powerful each day.

Manwe also has an interest in Eiven. Manwe came down one day to speak to the people about Pythas and Little. And to say Pythas is attempting to get to the 4th dimension. After some talking, 2 dracs interviened and began attacking manwe, Eiven and a few others defended Manwe, this earning Manwe's trust. Later on, Manwe empowered Eiven.
After some time, Manwe would speak to Eiven in private about certain objectives he would like to acheive. Throughout the day, Manwe and Eiven spent the whole time on das fighting together, until sadly Eiven's grandfather, Pythas, joined and killed Manwe, luckily he survives, but is greatly weakened... for now

His True son

Behmon later revealed to Eiven, that his son is SpyofDoom.

His name was given to Eiven. SpyOfDoom's real name is Marty, and was kidnapped by Pythas to be brainwashed and tortured, so he goes evil.

This gave Eiven a lot of rage, a reason to get vengence one what they took from him.

A new Era

A New Era erupted, The Draconians of Pythas successfully claimed victor over the Southern Empire, Stripping Damen And Eiven of their Royal privilege and Rank.

Now With no one to follow, Eiven went back to Accal hand, and fought with him, not as his apprentice, but as a fellow warrior.

Though Eiven very far behind on his training, seeked a little guidance from Accal. Accal Gave Eiven armor and a few weapons, teaching him Force push alongside the Stag, Becoming apart of the group of 3. Consisting of The Stag, Accal And Eiven.

Now that Eiven is nearing enough training, he only serves himself, he has no leader other than Arda's creator.

Winged Warrior returns in 3D

Many Years ago, on the Waddle dimension,, If someone were to mention the Name, Eiven, Or Harry, the first thing people would recognise are the wings, the wings are symbolic to him. Representing he is no longer Eiven Annatar, But Eiven Realhawk.

The Story on OLDCP of the birth of Eiven Realhawk, began when he was still Harry. He was murdered in the thrones. Luckily, Accal (Turin in oldcp) was Lord of Space, and with what power he had, brought his Nephew back from the dead.... yet he wasn't brought back from the dead. but Reborn. Reborn as the winged Warrior Eiven Realhawk.

In Penguin3D, Harry Realhawk, or even the name Harry was not his beginning in Penguin3d

He was Eiven Annatar,

Till now

Eiven has obtained his iconic wings, And is Now the Winged warrior once again, Eiven Realhawk.

Becoming a Guardian

Since Manwe's absence. Eiven has been watching over His daughter, Little. Since he is no longer the wife of his Granfather, Eiven is the guardian of Little till manwe returns, making her his Adoptive Daughter,

Eiven Annatar Realhawk

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