DSGHQ Awards


The DSGHQ Awards are a one-day event that gives users a chance to win special prizes for performing special tasks. DSGHQ Awards are not done on a regular basis.

Summer 2014 DSGHQ Awards

The first DSGHQ Awards were held on September 6th, 2014 in the OldCP Throne Room. There were five prizes given out, which were won by answering trivia questions correctly.


There were five prizes given out:
• Arctic White Color on OldCP
• Premium Server Access to OldCP
• 2000 DSGHQ Gold
Snaildom World Champion Shell
• Club Penguin 6 Month Membership


The following users won prizes during the Summer Awards:
Tennis won Arctic White
Jake01 won the Snaildom World Champion Shell
Gamer won 2000 gold.
• Sk1ppy1 won Premium Server Access
• Minecraftwiki won the Club Penguin Membership


The Summer Awards were put on the DSGHQ TV, and can be viewed here: http://damenspike.com/tv/shows/dsghqawardsoldcp

Summer 2015 DSGHQ Awards

The second DSGHQ Awards were held on August 29th of 2015 in the same room as the first one. This year, there were six different prizes to give out.


There were six prizes given out:
• 2000 DSGHQ Gold
OldCP Premium Server Access
• Snailschat Remake Beta Tester
Snaildom Kingdom Remake Beta Tester
• LegoRPG Beta Tester
• Club Penguin 6 Months Membership


The following users won prizes:
Gamer won 2000 DSGHQ Gold
• DreamBurst won OldCP Premium Server Access
Tent won Snailschat Remake Beta Tester
Gamer won Snaildom Kingdom Remake Beta Tester. Soon, Gamer gave his award to Tigerboy91 (Terry91).
• Moon won LegoRPG Beta Tester
• Jassie won Club Penguin 6 Months Membership

DSGHQ Awards

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Hosted By Damen
Winner Mincraftwiki, Tennis, Sk1ppy1, Gamer, Jake01